Friday, November 12, 2010


In the name of Allah,

Ohana means family, and family means no one being left out... So, that doesn't mean the one that have the same heredity is our one-and-only family, deshou??? Those one that can't be left out is our family.

Family is the one that accept us as who we are. Our weakness, madness, guilty, tears and happiness we shared with family. And sometimes, when we see someone doing wrong things, as a family, automatically we want them to know that 'this is wrong, you can't do it'.. Those who ignore what their family is doing, there must be something wrong with them.

For me, along 'this' way, i learned to luv my 'family' not because they have the same blood with me or because i grew up with them or they are the one that showed me this world... If i thanked them for those reasons, then there is no different between me and Kapoor family or a Wong family...Family means much more than that.

To my family, now i've been learning to do everything becoz of Allah. I try to do things for the sake of you. Even sometimes you'll see it otherwise, that is my weakness in showing it. I grew up in a situation that thought me to be strong by myself, n that makes me think,'if i can do it, why can't you?'

Gomen ne that sometimes i expect that being in this way, u can do much better than wat you've been doing right now... Gomen ne that sometimes i think that 'other' people can do things that you have to be told to do it... Gomen ne for my high expectation to you...


Just yesterday,i got the answer... With you, i have to be more patient... with you, i have to be more hilm (calm), with you, i have to be much more rafiq...

"Sesungguhnya Allah maha lembut (rafiq) dan menyukai kelembutan dalam segala urusan"

I admit that since KKD i'm 'far' from you,n seeing you 'faraway from Him' is making me feel sad but now, i'll find a way to change it, even meeting you once in a week..N even you don't wanna meet me??? i wanna be someone to you...


N welcome to this life, my new cute-little-niece, noor deanna sofea... reaaally wanna meet you!!!!

Till then, ja ne~


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